Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cakes, cakes, cakes!

Blog #1! As you've probably read in my "About me" i'm doing this to share my cakes with people, and hopefully get some opinions! Today i'm just going to post a couple of my cakes with some details about each - hope you like them!

Jungle Cake!

So, this cake started out as a monkey cake. I was going to just put a bunch of monkeys laying around. However, that little monkey was harder then i thought to get to stand up, so i made a lake with a hippo. I think it came out better this way anyway!
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling & buttercream frosting. The grass is piping and sll the other details are home-made marshmallow fondant!

Penguin Cake!

These little fondant penguins were so fun to make! The icebergs in the "water" are carved cake covered in fondant. The water is blue and white fondant kneaded together but not completely, giving it this marble look. Once again, everything is marshmallow fondant, as it always is!